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Eliane Schutte

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Along with all the colleagues at Xeltis, we will be taking action in support of the Kidney Foundation. In addition to our great mission at Xeltis to bring a better solution to dialysis patients with our aXess conduit we are furthermore committed to support the Dutch Kidney foundation with a wider scope improving the lives of kidney patients. The dream of eventually finding a cure for chronic kidney disease. This is desperately needed as by 2040 kidney disease will be the 5th global cause of death.
On March 20, 2024 I will be running / walking 10 kilometres / biking 25 kilometre to support our good cause. It would be fantastic if you could support me? By scanning the QR code, you will be contributing to the prevention, education, and scientific research efforts of the Kidney Foundation. All the money raised will be directly going to the Kidney Foundation

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€100 08-03-2024 | 18:43 To support the charitable efforts of a wonderful company, Xeltis!